Golf is a confidence game. Click picture for video.

IMPORTANT!   Please take note.  My one, two, and three club solutions are for my confidence course.  You may obviously use any club you want to use after you complete my confidence course.  Remember, my primary promise to you is accelerated learning.”

I have had a little confusion about this issue and wanted to clarify if for you.  There is a learning curve to golf, just like anything else that is skill based.  Please allow me a brief metaphor from the medical world.

Interns in the medical field do not dive right into performing complex surgeries with little knowledge of the many surgical instruments (level one, beginning golfers). In fact, doctors serving their residencies (level two, intermediate golfers) perform limited procedures under the supervision of experienced surgeons before they advance to more complicated procedures and a full bag of tricks (level three, advanced golfers.)

I hope that makes some sense to you.  Trust the process!

Alan Wright

Best of Success

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