Golf is generally believed to be the most difficult sport on the planet. The game can be frustrating for serious and recreational golfers, alike. Professional golfers will spend 10,000 hours and tens of thousands of dollars mastering the game, and then must hit hundreds of balls a day and work with coaches and trainers regularly to stay proficient.

You are probably not a professional golfer.

Recreational golfers simply can not and will not make that kind of investment in the game, for a variety of reasons. For purposes of this article, we will simply define a recreational golfer by three distinguishing criteria:

  1. Technical knowledge and skill level (learn)
  2. Frequency and quality of practice (practice)
  3. Frequency and quality of play (play)

Level One.

About 50% of the recreational golfers I typically work with at Wright Way Golf and My Golf Truck are what I define as “level one” golfers.  They are generally beginning or “seldom” golfers and  have had little or no professional golf instruction.   They practice on the driving range and putting green less than one hour a month, play about one (or less) 18-hole round(s) on the golf course per month, and get zero ongoing technical corrective feedback on their practice or play.  That is a recipe for failure and makes it extremely difficult to play consistently under 100 strokes per round. Some call them “hackers.”  I call them beginners having a difficult time improving…for a variety of reasons.

Level Two.

Another 40% of my  business are my “level two’ week-end golfers who have had a few lessons, read some golf magazines, watch professional golf on television, and are playing from two to four times a month.  The problem is that they are usually practicing the wrong thing the wrong way, and are having extreme frustration trying to break 90 strokes per round on a regular basis.

Recreational golf requires a different and more simple skill set than professional golf…and  that is the primary reason for frustration and failure for most (90%) of all recreational golfers.  Most of us are not highly trained athletes practicing daily…with a coach.   False expectations!!!  That is not smart, simple, or fun golf.

Level Three.

I want to speak briefly about the ten percent (10%) of my business where I work with “serious” golfers that represent a small minority of recreational golfers because they are usually very serious about the game but remain frustrated with their game improvement efforts.  These golfers are not the “club” golfers, supported by the PGA style club pro, that play daily as a major part of their lifestyle.  The golfers I work with at this level are simply not “practicing” the right things the right way…for them.  They are trying to replicate a type of golf that requires much more athleticism than they can muster, for a variety of reasons.  My job is to help them be a little smarter, simplify their game, and have more fun playing better golf.  They are a small part of my business because…“CHANGE?”

Wright Way Golf can stop your frustration and guarantee your success. I will simplify the game and make it more fun for you to play.  I am the best in the world at what I do!  I think it is important for you to know that.  “I am not bragging, I am applying for a job!”

What is so smart about Wright Way Golf? First, it works because it is based on the best golf science in the world.  Second, you can learn fast and perform better than with any other golf learning system in the world.  Third, it is affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee.  Did you really, really get that?  I said “Money-back Guarantee!”

Specifically, I can and will use my unique “accelerated learning technology” to teach you how to (1)   make good course management decisions, (2) execute the best full swing for recreational golfers, and (3) obtain essential feedback to take required corrective action (practice) for improvement, effectively and efficiently… with time of the essence.

Now that is smart, simple and fun!   



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