Level One

Level One “beginning” golfers are frustrated by trying to break 100 on a regular basis. These golfers generally average over 108, for triple bogey, when mulligans and other “do-overs” are considered.  A “real” score of less than 100 is less than 30 days away when you complete my confidence course.

Most level one golfers are doing the wrong thing, the wrong way, with the wrong equipment.  I can help. I can and will teach you how to use one (1) golf club throughout a complete 18 hole round of golf that will not only change the way you play the game of golf, it will change the way you THINK about the game of golf.


My One Club Solution


Level One golfers in my confidence course will use just one (1)  simple stroke and just one (1) golf club whether it is off the tee, on the fairway, or on the green.  How can that be? Remember…”smart, simple, and fun.”

As far as I know, I am the only golf coach in the world that uses this method to teach beginning golfers how to simplify the most difficult game to master in the sports world.  I do not actively recruit (or expect) “happy” and confident golfers breaking 80 on a regular basis to join my team of “one-club golfers.”  I do strongly encourage “frustrated” beginning and intermediate golfers to give this simple methodology a try.

The most common question I get in my coaching day is: “How can you guarantee my success, when no other golf instructor can, or will, do that?” (Thereby implying that I am some kind of fraud, kook, or just plain nuts!)

The answer is really quite simple:  What I do is different than what other golf instructors do!  I only work with “frustrated” golfers willing to try something different…simple as that. I am a controversial and contentious golf coach. I contend that my confidence course will work for you…success guaranteed!




























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